Message from The Director-Principal


Happy faces, confident smiles, a distinct way of learning and a sense of achievement. This is how countless visitors to Tinkerbelle, The Junior Wing of The British School describe their first impression and we are over joyed that this is so. Most parents, in my experience, consider the academic side of a school. I hope that this is true of Tinkerbelle as all pupils garner excellent exam results. However, there is much more to it at Tinkerbelle. We have wonderful facilities and activities, which you can get a glimpse of as you scroll our website. You will find yourself caught up in the energy and vitality that permeates every nook and corner of Tinkerbelle.

I am justifiably proud of the achievements of our students, the efforts ofour staff and the support of our parents.

Ms Geetika Sethi
MA English and Public Administration, B.Ed,
Director Principal