About Us

About Us

Message from Director

Mr. Sanjay Sethi

Through the collaborative efforts of all our members , parents, teaching staff and the support staff, TBS offers an extraordinary academic and co-curricular programme to its students. It is the constant endeavour of The Bharat School team to make academic life , a smooth journey full of joy and discovery.

Message from the Director-Principal

Ms. Geetika Sethi

The Bharat School is steadfast in its commitment to align with the New National Education Policies (NEP), emphasizing interdisciplinary and multilingual education. Our educational ethos revolves around nurturing the holistic development of students, rendering the NEP a pivotal and indispensable cornerstone in our pursuit of skill-centric education.

Message From The Administrator

Ms. Sushma Gupta

Our educational philosophy places a paramount emphasis on the holistic development of our students by directing our focus towards skill development across an array of disciplines. With a dedicated commitment to fostering cognitive and creative growth, we meticulously integrate avenues such as sports, music, and dance into our curriculum.

About Tinkerbelle

Tinkerbelle, the esteemed junior branch of The Bharat School, is dedicated to the holistic development of young toddlers in Pre-Primary classes.

With a focus on physical, intellectual and emotional growth, we create an environment fostering confidence and creativity. Our mission is to cultivate a fulfilling childhood experience, nurturing individuals poised for a bright future.

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Trained faculty with high horizon and in depth knowledge of the subject coupled with empathy and sympathy help in shaping the children.

The learners require assistance to integrate prior knowledge with new knowledge. Children develop the ability to learn and how to learn. The spirit of enquiry is encouraged and concepts are clarified at the grass root level so as to build a strong foundation with the global outlook and a world vision.