Develop a love for reading

5 tips to assist your child in developing a passion for reading


In the digital era, dominated by screens, it is crucial to nurture a love for reading in children.
Reading enhances language skills, sparks imagination, and fosters critical thinking.
Develop a love for reading from an early age can have substantial advantages, enabling
children to actively participate in their cognitive growth. Tinkerbelle School is acknowledged
as one of the Top Kindergarten Schools in Panchkula, highlighting the importance of
fostering a true passion for reading. Through five effective strategies, our goal is to inspire
our students to explore the realm of books on their own and develop a lasting affection for

1. Give them early exposure to books

At Tinkerbelle School, we believe in laying the foundation for a lifelong love of reading from
the very beginning. Early exposure to books, even in infancy, is invaluable. While your child
may not yet grasp the words, they absorb the sights and sounds of storytelling, creating a
precious bonding experience. Incorporating bedtime reading into your child’s routine
introduces them to the joy of books. Opt for vibrant, illustrated stories that captivate their
senses. As you read aloud, your child associates language with meaning, fostering speech
and vocabulary development. Our approach at the Best Playway School in Panchkula
embraces early literacy through a carefully curated selection of books, enriching our
students’ learning journey from infancy.

2. Create a Reading Haven

We encourage a culture of exploration and discovery through accessible reading spaces.
Establishing a cosy book nook ignites your child’s natural curiosity and invites them into the
world of books. Regularly refreshing the selection ensures ongoing excitement and
engagement. Our shelves are designed with little hands in mind, making it easy for children
to independently explore and choose their next adventure. With a dedicated reading space,
we inspire a lifelong love for books and learning at our Best Pre School in Panchkula.

3. Spark Joy in Reading

At Tinkerbelle School, we believe in making reading an exciting adventure for our students.
By selecting books aligned with their interests and age, we ensure that reading becomes a
fun and eagerly anticipated activity. Engage your child in the book selection process by
visiting the library or local bookshop together. Our teachers at Tinkerbelle School bring
stories to life through dynamic storytelling and dramatic re-enactments. In our preschool,
teachers use props and animated performances to immerse children in the stories, igniting
their passion for reading and fostering a love for storytelling from a young age.

4. Lead with Reading

Our staff teachers recognize the importance of leading by example when it comes to
fostering a culture of literacy. Encourage your child to embrace reading by making it a
shared activity within the family. Incorporate quiet reading time into your daily routine and let
your child see you enjoy books. By observing your reading habits, they’ll naturally be
inspired to follow suit, creating a family tradition of literacy and learning. Spend quality time
together while nurturing a love for reading, whether it’s during quiet reading sessions after
dinner or before bedtime.

5. Celebrate Reading Achievements

Here at our Top Play School in Panchkula, we truly value every moment of our students’
reading adventure. Let’s support your child’s passion for reading by commemorating their
achievements! Whether they reach the end of a book or venture into a new genre, let’s
recognize their successes with positivity and rewards.
Why not keep a reading log to follow their journey and offer exciting rewards for each
milestone? This will not only inspire them to keep reading but also enhance their
self-assurance and nurture a lifelong love for learning.
Unleash your child’s love for reading with Tinkerbelle School!
Let our Top Playway School in Panchkula guide your child on a reading adventure that will
spark a passion for books and develop love for reading starting from the earliest age.
Reach out to us today to learn more about our curriculum filled with wonderful stories and
literary treasures